Goover English school
need experienced English teachers.
Especially if you have time at the weekends/evenings.
Please apply! You can get many students.
 How to apply   


We will pay 
Private 3500YEN per lesson
2 Students 5000YEN (2500YEN for each)

50min teaching / not including picking up and dropping off time (10-30 min)
@ Where you can teach @

You can teach in your house.
How to introduce Student

 Post your information by filling out the application form. 
 We will contact you and start providing students.

@ How to teach @
  Goover English School has a teaching methodology. 
  We will be holding a teaching seminar every month.  
  Teachers that apply may attend and we will explain
  to you our curriculum and methodology.
@ How to receive payment
Students will pay directly to the teacher after each meeting for private lessons.
@ @

Post your information by filling out the application form.

 2.Goover English School will check your resume.

3.We will contact you and schedule an interview at your convenience.

4.We will match you up with a student.

5.Our Staff will bring the student to your house for orientation.

6.We will discuss the class and the teaching methodology.

7.The first lesson will be scheduled.



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